My plans for Europe

The challenges Europe face are global and no EU country has the capacity to face them alone. These are my plans for a strong, well-structured and decisive Europe.

Tackling inflation if it reappears

One lasting effect of the Global Crisis and the Covid-19 crisis will be a large increase in general government debt worldwide. This may lead to a scenario of ‘fiscal dominance’, in which expansionary fiscal policies are combined with accommodating monetary

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In Spain, the diabolic loop is alive and well

Since the start of the crisis, the link between banks and their sovereigns has only been strengthening, with dire consequences for the periphery’s economies. To focus on Spain, in October 2008, the Spanish financial system had 78bn of Spanish government

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A European Recovery or Trickery Fund?

The recovery and reconstruction of the European economy after the COVID-19 pandemic will be a huge, challenging task for the European Union, a task that will require hard decisions and difficult choices. To avoid disappointment and to escape a new

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Towards a European Reconstruction Fund

The idea that Europe’s response to the economic crisis should be based on the issuance of common perpetual bonds has been slowly gaining ground, but proposals that entail substantial increases to member states’ debt risk hampering growth for decades to

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The COVID-19 bazooka for Jobs in Europe

test Faced with a huge increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, by now all EU governments have undertaken strategies of varying degrees to ‘flatten the curve’ – to reduce the rate of growth of the pandemic in order to

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